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Importance of a salon chair and scissors

by Denver Burke

Salon's and just like any other business needs to appreciate the image and impression they made on a customer, otherwise loyal customers can simply move on as a result of the extensive competition witnessed within the industry. Therefore, it is imperative for a salon to ensure all internal tangibles are carefully chosen, especially if the image required is high end quality where the differential aspects appear reduced as opposed to a low and high quality were the difference is quite apparent.

The image can be portrayed by such products like scissors and chairs - although these may appear trival, the statement, 'first impressions are everything' is the first law in this industry. The appearance is a noticeable first impression, but further impressions need to ensure that this is developed and not left behind, otherwise that first impression will be meaningless. The chair and scissors are important such impressions. For example, if the chair is uncomfortable and lacks functionality in terms of movement and position , then the mind of the client will have negative feelings as a result - and even, its poor movement may have an effect on the cut on issues regarding time taken and even desired outcome.

Likewise, a pair of scissors at first may appear insignificant, not in its actual existence to a salon, but rather, its suitability and appropriateness in relation to the type of hair and style required. The quality and quantity is extensive, and this can be simply reflected and shown by the variation of price - 10 economy scissors ranging to those which are hundreds of pounds in value.

Gotta, Jaguar, Jowell, Liberty and Tobi are among just a few brands. Each have their own personalised and individual functions and characteristics suitable in cutting hair at various stages, lengths and even, a unique style unattainable by another scissor.
The range of chairs and there use are similar - that is, the image of the salon can vary between traditional and modern; and virtually anything in between. As a result, it will be important to establish a chair which is in line with their ethos as it will help inform the decision of the customer in each stage of the buying process. Again, price and function vary - 100 to 1000 appears the standard fluctuation; with gas hydraulic action systems ensuring the operation is functionally compatible and reliable, or if style is desired and function is reduced, then there is a chair suitable for any requirement.

Therefore, it is important to first, understand the salon's ethos to then determine what is the most suitable. Quality and the image of quality of crucial and therefore, the salon should consider every aspect regarding service, to ensure loyalty is established and thus word of mouth can excite prospective clients to become new customers.

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Title: Importance of a salon chair and scissors
Author: Denver Burke
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